All Saints Reordering Project 2016











Octagonal Labyrinth being marked out to check position 

 (underneath is the  masking tape square labyrinth )




Everyone needs a tea break





2nd March 2016

Beauty of  Medieval  Corbel - now exposed now in the  new toilet 


Admiring the beauty of the small Arch


Looking all the way up the tower 


Tower corner completely exposed making room for the new kitchen /loo/ ringing balcony 




The font was  temporarily moved to a safe spot 



The hole for the font 



The box door frame was removed exposing the doors which are not original and were removed 




In the choir area new  tiles were  needed to fill the space left by the removal of the front choir stand 


All existing choir stalls and organ were  carefully covered 


      Plugs  and electric sockets were carefully marked on the pillars and round the church 


An Archaeologist was  on hand for drainage holes and inspection chambers 


Plans of all kinds were checked in situ with all involved 


MARCH 16th Update 


Henry enjoyed the high level cleaning  


John and Colin did weekly inspection.            
looking carefully at the high level windows. 

A Lightbulb moment 
 Beautiful ancient walls exposed ready for new plaster and paint 
Inspection of the tower wall 
Electric cable delivery
Hope the speed limit is not for the workers.
Drains were dug and paths renewed.
Some cobwebs still remain in tact,a year on, where is the spider?
Plans were carefully followed,everything was checked
and explained at the site meetings 
Members of the Church building group checked  in regularly  to see the progress.
An old Easter tomb is found - who remembers this?
Light and power are needed to work in church, this place is well plugged in. 

Rubble was  removed. 


Work Vans reflect the church,showing how much was going on


APRIL 2016 - high level inspection of windows and wood 
stunning carvings seen close up 
Miriam with her tambourine - her face is loosing definition as it faces the North winds 
Beautiful carvings at the highest level of church 
Exquisite carvings of grapes and vine leaves
Beautiful Pomegranites adorn the ceiling all the way round the church 
Angels play instruments 

MAY New proch windows are fitted 


The walls up high are painted the same colour as St Mary's Church a beautiful creamy white 


Joists were put in for ceilings and subsequently

taken out as the stairs were in the wrong place.


Tiles were taken up from the High altar area ready to be relayed when  the step was removed to bring the altar down a step.


May23rd 2016

Jupiter Underfloor Heating System 



Underfloor heating tiles in the sunshine. the white line around the edge is the hearing loop system .


The Ancaster tiles arrived 


Labyrinth plan for the stones.


A view from  the kitchen area looking out into the loo and services cupboard  the  wall is missing.


Setting out side aisle tiles 


June 2016 

The floor has started to be laid from the middle of the Labyrinth out 


Notice how the marble reflects the windows and look like tiny rivers 


Ancaster Limestone with Purbeck Marble inbetween 


The floor is completely level throughout the church. 


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